1. What’s different about this app compared to other geo-location apps like Find Friends (Apple), Nearby Friends (Facebook), and Snapchat?

Answer:  Maintaining privacy about your location is a MAJOR DIFFERENCE!

In Range Contacts is designed to give you a simple and DISCREET heads up notification while you, or someone you know, who you might like to meet up with, are close by.

The app is NOT SHARING PRECISE LOCATION info at any time and you are not monitored in real time.

NO MAPS with pins or bitmojis, or ways for people to track your exact whereabouts.

It’s unique functionality is designed so it WON’T DRAIN your battery.

Furthermore, we’re NOT SELLING DATA about your personal movements!


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2. How do I use the app?

Answer:   To allow notifications to happen, you must first connect within the app, which is simple and easy.  The app pulls in limited info from your phone contacts so you can invite them to connect.  A pre-scripted text invite message (a la LinkedIn) gives your contact the app link to download and accept your invitation.  If the person is already using In Range Contacts, the app will state this and instead of a text message, your contact will receive a notification through the app prompting them to either accept your invite or not.

Once connected, you can customize settings either globally or with each individual for the distance ranges within which you wish to receive notifications.  In Range Contacts sends a simple text-based notification when a person is within a range you’ve set.  Notifications only show the range you specified for receiving an alert, as pictured below.

Some PARENTS like to use the app as a discreet, noninvasive way to learn that their child(ren) arrived at a destination (see FAQ # 10 below).



3. I have other apps that let me tell people where I am, why do I need this one?

Answer:  In Range Contacts is focused on people who want to be able to seize opportunities to connect with people in their personal networks and circle of friends without broadcasting where they are going or what they are doing.  They care about maintaining discreet communications and they want it kept simple, professional, and personal.

In Range Contacts is not an app you will open every day, but once you make connections and customize distance settings, it is an app that will be working for you every day.


4. What if I don’t want someone to know I am close by even though I would like to still be connected?

Answer:  There are 3 easy ways to remain “undetected”.  FIRST, with a single tap on the small teardrop in the upper right side of your screen, you can turn off and on your location sharing with our app computer.  SECOND, you can go to Settings -> My Profile, scroll down, and turn off the “Send Location Alerts” globally, which ensure nobody receives a notification.  THIRD, if you just want to manage a setting for one specific person, you can go to Accepted Contacts and tap on that person’s name to view their Contact Details, scroll down, and turn off the “Send Location Alerts” just for that person.

Teardrop + Alert On_Off 2

5. Can people see what distances I have set for being notified about them?

Answer:  No.  Ranges are based on your settings for that person on your phone.  They can’t view or “figure out” your settings, but they DO control whether or not you will receive notifications about them.


6. What is the cost for this app?

AnswerThe app is free to download.  The app has a feature that lets you set distance ranges for receiving notifications, either globally or with specific contacts, by moving the endpoints on a slide bar between 0 and 100 miles (or 160 kms).   The free version of the app allows you to set those ranges between 30-100 miles (50 – 160 kms).

For a small in-app purchase of $2.99, your phone will be enabled to move the slide bar below the 30 mile (50 kms) distance with any contact, or globally.  This is an annual fee which allows us to provide our app without advertising or using other marketing schemes to pay it.

Slide Bar 3

7. Why is there a cost to set the range below 30 miles?

AnswerMost people are likely to find the greatest value in our app while they are moving around living their lives, and with all the hustle and bustle, they miss out on opportunities to conveniently connect with people they would actually like to see if they knew they were close by.  Those occasions can take place while they are in airports, attending trade shows, conferences or large sporting events, or simply visiting a city or town.  This can means they only want to know about someone being nearby if they are pretty close, such as a range of 0-3 miles because they are simply unable to go much further to meet.

Less than a large coffee at Starbuck, this small fee allows us to continue to support and enhance our app without advertising or using other marketing schemes.


8. Can I turn off receiving notifications, and can people keep me from being notified about them being nearby, even when we’re connected in the app?

Answer:  This is another benefit of In Range Contacts – if you receive a notification about someone being within the range you set for them, then it means they allowed that to happen with you based on their own settings within the app.

The people you are connected with can switch off notifications to you, and you can switch off receiving notifications about them in two ways.  FIRST, you can go to Settings -> My Profile and turn off the “Receive Location Alerts” globally, which would stop you from getting ANY notifications about anyone.  SECOND, if you just want to turn off notifications about a certain person or persons, you can go to Accepted Contacts, tap on their name to view their Contact Details, and turn off the “Receive Location Alerts” just for that person.

Receive Alerts 3

9. How do the distance range settings work?

Answer:  The app measures the straight line distance between you and your contacts’ phones.  You can use a tool like Google Maps to measure distances by opening the app in your web browser, right clicking, and selecting “Measure distance” from the menu.  Click anywhere on the map to create and then adjust the line with exact distances displayed in miles and kilometers.

Google MapsGoogle Maps_2

10. I’m a parent with teenage kids, can I use this to help me track them somehow?

Answer:  Some parents use the app to discreetly notify them when their children reach a destination.  Using a tool like Google Maps (see # 9 above), a parent who has connected in the app with their children can set a more precise distance range for notifications. This is provided the child doesn’t turn off the “Send location alerts” feature on their own phone’s version of the app.  The parent will receive a notification within a certain amount of time after the child enters the range.  Some parents use this as a noninvasive way to know their child got somewhere without relying on a text or call from the child, because they often forget!  Got a teen, you know what we mean!


11. What happens when a contact leaves the range, will I receive a notification?

Answer:  You do not get a notification when a contact leaves a range, since this feature could compromise a contact’s privacy.  Notifications are received when a person ENTERS the range you set and they allow it.  Notifications do not repeat while the person remains in that range.  The distance for the range is measured “as the crow flies” and not as measured by road mapping tools.  The person must leave the range and then re-enter it in order for you to get another notification.  Added functionalities, such as notifications when a range is exited, are under regular review and are based on customer demand and the potential impact to user privacy.