In Range Contacts – Enterprise (IRC-E) is tailored for company-specific purposes.  Our 1-page use cases explain how:

How It Works

With IRC-E, a company simply specifies:

  1. Names, emails, and cell phone numbers of the team of people they want connected within the app (e.g. an acquisition integration team, or a leadership team, or a field sales organization, etc.),
  2. Default push notification ranges to be set between those users (i.e. team members would receive notifications when they are within “x” miles or kms of each other), allowing each person to modify from such defaults.
  3. Whether to embed the app into its own proprietary phone/email directory app menu (if applicable), or have IRC – EV appear as a standalone icon on each user’s home screen.

Maintenance of the user base can be minimal, understanding that CIO’s are seeking “zero cost admin” solutions matters.  The limited user info needed for the app to function is stored on In Range Contact’s secure Amazon Web Server.

With a simple, practical interface, app users learn quickly and independently, thereby enabling rapid effectiveness.


A low, one-time setup fee with very low, straightforward annual licensing arrangement makes In Range Contacts a practical tool to deploy.

Next Steps

Email us at Support@InRangeContacts.com or call 1-603-903-0406 for more information about setting up IRC Enterprise solutions to enhance the cohesiveness of your acquisition integration, field sales, and/or leadership teams.