Be a Part of the Start of a Location Privacy Revolution!

How many times have you traveled somewhere only to learn later that a friend or colleague was not far away? And those are just the situations you happen to find out about, but it has probably happened much more often than you ever knew.

Stand for Your Location Privacy!

In Range Contacts is designed to help let you know when these situations do exist. BETTER YET, you don’t have to give away your exact whereabouts to find out when a friend is nearby.  Furthermore, we DO NOT SELL LOCATION DATA about your personal movements unlike what many location apps and wireless services do!  We only store one location data point at any point in time in order to run our app.  We do not track or store any movement data and history.  We are 100% about everyone’s location privacy!!

A Revolutionary Location App Created by a Non-Techie

After spending many years as a “road warrior” – sitting in airports, attending conferences and going to trade shows, watching sporting events, and visiting cities all over the place, I decided to create In Range Contacts.

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Can You Go Without this Leading Private Location Networking Tool?

A real life example of In Range Contacts connecting friends simply and privately.

Bob: “Joe, you popped up on my phone as being in range.  You here in Fenway?”

Joe: “Waiting outside for my brother, send me your seat info, I’ll swing by.”


Android Release + Enhancements

The Android version of In Range Contacts is now free for download on Google Play!

Intro Scresens

Enhancements with this release and for the iPhone include:

  • Streamlined steps to Invite your Contacts to connect.
  • Enabled texting with your connected contacts straight from the app.
  • Updated pre-scripted invite with easier linkages for those not already using the app.
  • Added User Feature screenshots with more user-friendly icons and screen references.