In Range Contacts private location alerts help people on the move discreetly seize opportunities for networking or fun when contacts are nearby. .

This is especially useful when you’re in an AIRPORT, at a TRADESHOW or sporting event, or VISITING A CITY on business and someone you might know happens to be nearby.

Your PRIVACY is important.  Unlike other location-based apps like Find Friends or Nearby Friends, there are no precise locations shared at any time and you are not monitored in real time.   NO MAPS with pins, or ways for people to track your exact whereabouts.  Furthermore, we’re not selling data about your personal movements!

In Range Contacts sends a simple text-based notification when a person is within a range you’ve set.

ONE TOUCH off and on for sending and or receiving notifications with any connection.

There are also global on/off settings.  YOU choose whether to allow your location info to be used.

The app won’t drain your battery due to its innovative functionality.

The app lists your phone contacts so you can INVITE who you wish to connect with.

A great way to use In Range Contacts is to scroll thru your contacts in the app and invite those who you wish to be notified about in the future if you happen to both be near each other.

Easily CONNECT using invites, CUSTOMIZE distances for notifications, and let the app do the rest by giving you a heads up whenever you’re within range of a contact as you move around living your life.

The app is FREE to download and there is a small in-app purchase to enable your phone to set the lower end of any notification ranges below 30 miles (or 50 kms).

You receive notifications when your invites are accepted or someone enters a range you set for them.

Ranges are based on your settings for that person on your phone.

They can’t view your settings, but they DO control whether or not you will receive notifications about them.

To customize your settings for a person go to ‘Contact Details’ and tap on their name. Move the distance slide bar endpoints to set a range for receiving location alerts when the contact is within that range.

Intuitive and user friendly!!