Our Latest Update

Thank you for downloading and using In Range Contacts.  We are continuously making changes to improve your experience within the app and want to make you aware of a few important updates:

  • No other app protects your location privacy while also receiving unique push notifications when friends or contacts are nearby.
  • If your 1st year free subscription has expired and you chose not to renew for $3 (USD) per year, any customized contact notifications for ranges under 30 miles/50 km have been re-set to the free range of 30 -100 miles (50 -160 km).
  • If you had a free subscription that expired, you were logged out of the app automatically in order to return it to the free range settings for each of your contacts.  Please open your app and log back in to reactivate push notifications for your contacts.
  • You must be connected through the app with contacts you wish to be notified about when they are nearby.  This is easy to accomplish using the “Invite” feature next to your contact’s name in the app.

We have continued to lead the way in recognizing the importance of user location privacy.  We only check your location periodically to allow our notification process to work according to what you specify with each of your contacts.  Unlike almost every other location-based app and service, we do not store anyone’s movement history, which also means we do not sell such information, and it is impossible for anyone to use this app to know exactly where you are, or vice versa, at any given time.

We hope you will continue to utilize our app to seize opportunities to connect with friends, colleagues, and loved ones as so many around the world are doing today.