Let ‘In Range Contacts’ Work for You

One way to get value from my new private proximity alert app called ‘In Range Contacts’ (IRC) for the iPhone/iPad.   Android version coming July 2017.

IRC imports limited contact info from your phone when it opens.

SCROLL THRU YOUR CONTACTS IN THE APP, tap the circle for a contact you wish to be alerted about when/if they might ever be within your range.

TAP ‘INVITE’.  If they are already using IRC, you will be notified of this & continue.  If they are not already using IRC, a pre-scripted text msg will appear to send (or customize).

1 invite can be sent at a time.  We will enhance for multiple invites in a future update.

REPEAT these steps as you scroll thru your contact list.

As you receive notices INVITEES HAVE ACCEPTED:

  • Go to your INVITED/ACCEPTED CONTACTS screen (or tap “See Connections” from ‘Invite Contacts’ screen).
  • TAP ON THE NAME of a connected contact in the list.
  • CUSTOMIZE SETTINGS for that person:
    1. If you want to change statuses of “Send Location Alerts” & “Receive Location Alerts”.
    2. By MOVING DISTANCE SLIDE BAR ENDPOINTS to a desired range within which you’d like to receive notifications.
    3. Tap “Save” and go to next contact.

Your settings for each person are only known to you.  Your contacts save their own setting preferences about you.


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